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Research Priorities

For prioritizing the forestry research activities of the state, has finalized the research problems and research themes, associating the officers of all levels of forest department, including senior retired officers in June 1998. Some important research problems of the state, as shortlisted in order of priority, are given as:

  • Natural regeneration of Fir, Deodar, Chir, Kail, Taxus, Oak, Khair etc.
  • Eco-restoration of degraded forests.
  • Biodiversity assessment, conservation & utilization.
  • Planting stock improvement of Chir, Deodar, Sissoo, Fir, Khair, Harar and other important species.
  • Seed collection, storage and testing of important species.
  • Development of agro-forestry/social forestry models.
  • Management of grazing (including grassland management).
  • Nursery techniques of important species including Non- Wood Forest Products (NWFP).
  • Soil and water conservation (including integrated watershed management) .
  • Human resource management problems of forest department.
  • Silviculture and management of NWFP including medicinal plants.
  • Protection of endangered species.
  • Processing (including post harvest processing) and marketing of NWFP.
  • Sustainability of forest management/joint forest management.
  • Suitability of different species including bamboo to different areas /Sites.

New Research Projects as approved by the Research Advisory Committee and Management Committee in 2012

  • Establishment of seedling, seed orchard of Cedrus Deodara Candidate Plus Trees.
  • Selection of Candidate Plus Trees of silver Fir in J&K their evaluation.
  • Vegetative Propagation of some important broadleaved tree species of Jammu & Kashmir.
  • Quality & Productivity Assessment of some important medicinal plants.
  • Screening of Poplar to reduce Cotton Dehiscence in Jammu & Kashmir.