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JK Forest Research Institute was allied department of Jammu and Kashmir State Forest Department created in 1990 and subsequently became an autonomous organization of the Deptt. of Forest, Environment and Ecology Jammu and Kashmir Govt. was registered under Jammu and Kashmir Societies Registration Act. VI of 1998 (1941 A.D) in 1995. It has its headquarters both at Srinagar and Jammu, (Srinagar May to October, and Jammu November – April).


To establish JK Forest Research Institute as an apex level institute for carrying advanced research on all issues related to forests and equip the institute with concurrent state of art technology.


To carry out advance studies and research in forestry, wood science, biodiversity conservation, technology transfer and forest environment and ecology including flora and fauna.


Conduct research on aspects of forestry related issues, concerns and opportunities. Provide technical assistance to sister departments of forests department as well as other organisations/NGOs or on subjects related to forests. Recommend afforestation techniques, knowhow of raising plant species, provide quality seed and planting materials.


Director JK Forest Research Institute
with the Head quarter at Sonwar Srinagar (May – November), Janipur Jammu (October – April)

Joint Director JK Forest Research Institute
with the Head Quarter at Sonwar Srinagar (May – November), Janipur Jammu (October – April)

Conservator of Forest Research with Head Quarter at Jammu.

Divisional Forest Officer Research HQ Jammu

Divisional Forest Officer Research HQ Srinagar

Divisional Forest Officer Seed Development Division HQ Srinagar

Divisional Forest Officer Seed Development Division HQ Jammu

Business Transaction

  • Quality seed and plant production.
  • Research & field trials for provenances and clones.
  • Establishment, maintenance of preservation plots & sample plots for research studies.
  • Establishment of Seed Production Areas, Seed Orchards & Clonal Orchards for planting material & quality seed production.
  • Documentation of bio-diversity resources in different bio-geographic zones.
  • Strengthening collaboration and knowledge exchange with other Research institute, Universities and other Forest Departments.

Services Provided

  • To find ways and means to enhance green cover, productivity and undertake studies on nutritional requirements, seed testing. Conduct trials for improving yield of timber and MFPs including medicinal plants. Conduct research as the institute may deem necessary from time to time on current issues of conservation.
  • Conduct trials and produce quality seed collected from the field for use by Forest and sister departments. In addition also supply quality plants to the Forest Department.
  • Identify and recommend quality seed production areas/seed stands in the natural forests.
  • Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research work oriented to meet the requirement of forestry and forest based industries.
  • Conduct trials and recommend improved seed and plant materials.
  • In-situ vegetative propagation through tissue culture techniques.
  • Supply quality plant material to different departments.
  • Organize workshops and impart specialized training to the field staff to update knowledge on day to day issues and concerns. Also publish literature relating to forestry and its allied subjects.
  • Research on plantation models for optimum production and utilization.