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The Institute is headed by Director, a Forest Officer of the rank of Chief Conservator of Forests. He is assisted by a Joint Director, in his routine matters of coordination of research and administration. Under the Director, there is a Research Circle headed by Conservator of Forests, Research. The four divisions, which are the basic units of the Forest Research Institute, constitute the Circle and are headed by officers of the rank of Deputy Conservator of Forests.


  • To institute advanced studies and research in forestry, wood science and technology, forest environment and ecology including Flora and Fauna.
  • To find ways and means to enhance productivity and to obtain optimum amount of produce from both natural and manmade forests and accordingly to undertake studies on nutritional requirements, seed testing and certification establishment of species, fertilizers trials for improving yield of timber, fuel-wood and fodder. Research of biological control of pests and plant diseases and any other field of research as the institute may deem necessary from time to time.
  • To work as multi dsciplinary and interdisciplinary research institute oriented to meet the requirement of forestry and forest based industries.
  • To undertake utilization research for determining the suitability of different species for different industrial and constructional uses.
  • To study and monitor the change in the quality of environment with reference to Biomass, production, studies relevant to management of Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks and Nature Conservation Reserves.
  • To conduct study on the effect of pollutants on different species and to suggest pollution resistant and absorbing species to develop suitable technology for bringing about greening in the urban area.
  • Conduct refresher courses for Forest officers, Extension workers including non-forestry personnel with a view of update their knowledge and make them more effective in educating the public and eliciting their co-operation in the achievement of the objectives and goals as envisaged in the National and State Plans.
  • To bring Forestry Research Education and Extension Training under close and unified direction and management, so that the Research and Development of the Forest Department is comprehensive.
  • To contribute to the establishment and maintenance of viable and effective field level forestry extension system in the State by training forestry and if need be, non-forestry personnel for making qualified and competent extension trainees so that they in turn will impart extension knowledge to the field level workers and farmers.
  • To publish research papers, treatises, books, periodicals and other literature relating to forestry and allied subjects.
  • To conduct lectures, seminars, study groups, workshops etc. on problems relating to forestry and allied subjects.
  • To impart specialized training in forestry, wood science and technology, forest environment and allied fields.
  • To co-operate with the various forest departments in the country forest research institutes in other States, HFRI, ICFRE the agricultural and other universities and with other institutions in India and any part of the World having objects wholly or partly similar to those of this Institute.
  • To prepare a manual of Tree improvement methods and procedures for the guidance of people (Officers, Scientists and Technologists involved in genetic and Tree improvement work.
  • To undertake Research on non-wood (minor) forest produce with a view to developing improved techniques for propagation, extraction and marketing of improved verities of MFP including medicinal and aromatic plants, Bamboo and Khair cultivation, collection of seed, extraction of resin etc.
  • To build up a Data Base where all the data and information is collected both from the State and outside, concerning the forests and to decimate to the concerned as and when required.
  • To create administrative, scientific, technical, ministerial and other posts under the Institute to strengthen the function of the Institute.
  • To create administrative, technical, ministerial and other posts under the institute and to make appointment thereto.
  • To make rules for the conduct of the affairs of the institute and to add, to amend vary or rescind them from time to time.